All-natural, beef-fat based soap, handmade in very small batches in the United States.

Bay, Lime & Tea Tree Oil.

Oatmeal & Mint.

Lemongrass & Cypress.

Calypso Spice.

All natural ingredients.

Tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, oatmeal, sodium hydroxide (lye), essential oils.

This soap is not vegan.

Rendered beef fat (tallow) is better for you and the environment. Common vegan substitutes create chalky soap that is bad for your skin, and the harvesting of these oils contributes to deforestation.

This soap will completely wash away.

It will not leave any kind of residue behind and will leave your skin feeling completely clean. Money-back guarantee.


This soap should last a very long time as long as you keep it fairly dry between uses.

Little, Middle & Big Boxes.

We currently offer three box sizes in our Amazon storefront. 

Little Box: 4 bars | $32 | $8/bar

Middle Box: 8 bars | $56 | $7/bar

Big Box: 12 bars | $72 | $6/bar